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Tax cuts for the rich create jobs? In what reality?

Conservatives cry that we must extend tax cuts for the rich – even expand them – because that’s how they can create jobs. Bullshit.

Do you know how the rich, particularly the corporate rich, became that way? By reducing costs. Everything in business is geared toward increasing profits, and if you can’t do it by increasing sales, you reduce costs, and one very popular way to do that is to reduce labor costs, either by paying less or by replacing workers with machines. Do you know what creates jobs? Demand for products and services that exceed production capacities, so that more people have to be hired to meet the demand. And where does the demand come from?

The other 98% of the population, that’s where. Cut their taxes, and they will consume more goods and services, increasing demand and necessitating more jobs to fill it. If they can’t afford to buy, they will save, there will be no need for more jobs, and tax cuts for the rich will do one thing, and one thing only: make them richer (until their businesses start receding due to the lack of demand). All that tax cuts for the rich do is starve the economy.

Posted: March 6th, 2011
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Quick to “Judge”, Blind to History

I’m amazed by the tenor of the Sotomayor hearing, although I suppose I shouldn’t be – the GOP and right-wing have been predictably appalling in their continued need to strike back at anything that this administration suggests. My advice: Get the Fuck Over It! So what if you “lost” – look at what a lousy hand you had to play! I can’t believe you could honestly say that McCain & Quitter would’ve had either the intelligence or the appreciation of this nation’s problems to do anything constructive.

But that’s not the topic here.  What strikes me as particularly two-faced about this hearing is the unstated truth of what we are seeing: a change in the complexion of the Supreme Court, and ignorant, vacuous senators who have conveniently forgotten the history of SCOTUS. They question Sotomayor’s impartiality based upon her ethnicity, only because another convenient glass ceiling has long since been broken: gender. SCOTUS was long a boys’ club, and the general perception was that a woman was incapable of performing such a serious and far-reaching task as interpreting the law for an entire country. And when at last a woman was nominated, it was in large part because she was a woman – there were undoubtedly equally- or perhaps better-qualified male judges to have taken Sandra Day O’Connor’s seat.

The bench, and the Senate, have a long history of overlooking a judge’s ‘impartiality’ and looking at his gender as a deciding factor in his ability to perform the daunting task of upholding the Constitution. Since that angle is no longer available to them, it’s clear that the conservatives have latched onto the next best thing. The sad truth of the matter is that they’re going to ‘lose,’ anyway, at least in their eyes, and they know it. This is just a play to the cameras, a hope that their constituents will see them as a strong and capable force in politics, and has absolutely nothing to do with moving this country forward. Which, I suppose, would be against the entire concept of being ‘conservative,’ anyway.

Face it, guys. You lost. Get the Fuck Over It! Come up with some ideas that don’t involve burying America’s head in the sand and denying both the truths of the last 8 years, and the truths of the next decade. America can afford neither your egos nor your petty depiction of yourselves as victims. We don’t need the Pity Party trying to screw over the greatest nation in the world with such short memories and such limited vision.

Posted: July 15th, 2009
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