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Better Dead than Green White & Red?

Latest word on the possible alliance between Chrysler & Fiat is that Fiat’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne, will abandon the deal if they don’t receive concessions from the UAW that brings workers’ salaries into line with those of domestic workers at German and Japanese plants. I think that’s fair, and I hope the UAW won’t stand on principle that will add all of its Chrysler workers to the unemployment lines when Chrysler has to be liquidated. I can never understand how a union can be of any use when its demands force all of its members out of work; I saw this here in Indianapolis when the meat cutters union, which represents workers in grocery stores, made demands ‘in the interest of its members’ that forced the closing of a local historic grocery (the one where David Letterman worked as a teen, in fact!) – I’m sure the union workers were more than happy to have to go find new jobs or collect unemployment, not to mention the other employees who were put out of work that weren’t even members of that union.

Once upon a time, the unions served a purpose – nowadays, with the government’s attention so deep in the workings of companies both public and private, they’ve become little more than PACs, collecting money for the benefit primarily of their executives and for lobbying for whichever politicians they feel will allow them to continue strong-arming both their members and the companies for whom they work. The unions’ job is to keep their employees gainfully employed and to prevent them from being exploited; the law does much of the latter, and the unions are becoming more and more incapable of the former.

Let’s hope that the ‘patriotism’ of the UAW doesn’t shutter the doors of Chrysler. Frankly, what difference does it make where the company profits go as long as the workers’ money is made, saved and spent right here?

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Now THIS is Loyal Opposition

A great commentary from John Feehery, a Republican lobbyist, on

Liking Obama, Opposing His White House

This is the sort of thinking that many of us would like to see from Republicans – the ability to conduct a civil debate, to acknowledge the difference between Obama, the man (he’s not “evil,” as some conservatives have convinced themselves) and the policies he promotes. And this from a man whose profession is clearly on Obama’s “hit list”:

“Tearing this president down is not the way for Republicans to regain a majority coalition Read the rest of this entry »

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