Now THIS is Loyal Opposition

A great commentary from John Feehery, a Republican lobbyist, on

Liking Obama, Opposing His White House

This is the sort of thinking that many of us would like to see from Republicans – the ability to conduct a civil debate, to acknowledge the difference between Obama, the man (he’s not “evil,” as some conservatives have convinced themselves) and the policies he promotes. And this from a man whose profession is clearly on Obama’s “hit list”:

“Tearing this president down is not the way for Republicans to regain a majority coalition, although some pundits and talk show hosts will be tempted to do just that. Instead, Republicans should allow themselves to like the president, just as they fight against his policies. And as they fight his policies, they should do all that they can to market their own ideas so that the American people understand that the Republicans have positive alternatives that will make our country stronger, safer and more prosperous in the future.”

Too much press time, and too many high-profile Republicans, have been devoted to hoping that the president, or more palatably, his policies, fail. Failure is not an option, folks, but it seems to be the only one that too many conservatives are rallying around. Failure can only occur if you let Obama’s policies go into effect – you’ve got to offer reasonable alternatives beforehand, not just hindsight. You’ve got to think about the country, first, not your party, especially since the Republican party is rapidly dwindling; don’t suck the entire country down for your “principles,” especially when it’s clear that those principles are really just a power play. You’d do well to read and absorb what John Feehery has to say; it sounds like he has an actual plan, one that doesn’t involve pettiness disguised as ‘patriotism.’

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