Kicking and Screaming!

.. which is how I now come into the high-tech phase of blogging. I figure if I ever expect to make use of this blog, it has to be through spontaneous action, not through planning and the unlikelihood that I will actually remember to do it. And since I'm somewhat addicted to my Treos (now on my third, a used 680 that I hope is less prone to my dropping and killing it!), this is a way to make at least semi-productive use of its highly practical and easy-to-use keyboard. Plus, it means I can post even when my power goes out, as it just did …

Well, obviously, not much to report, as I await the rebooting of my equipment. Yes, it's true – "The Big Bang Theory" is hideously close to my own life, it seems. At least I can laugh with it, as well as at it.

Posted: June 9th, 2008
at 8:26pm by admin

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