Are They Really That Stupid?

Okay, I’m a Republican, but there’s no way I’ll vote for Bush or anyone I even remotely think will continue his ‘policies’ (if you can call the self-serving idiocy of the last 7 years “policy!”). And when it comes to self-service, I think Hillary doesn’t have anything to learn from W! So that leaves Obama.

Sure, he may lack experience – and he wouldn’t be the last; if ‘experience’ like the current administration is a gauge, however, give me the New Guy.

What amazes me, though, is the pettiness of some very vocal supporters of Hillary Clinton. Here’s a group who, while claiming to believe the platform of their party, boil it all down to personality in the end and who would rather vote ‘against’ the person they seem to feel cheated them of their pet candidate, whom they chose to support for reasons that appear to have NOTHING to do with the safety, security and future of this country and its citizens, instead of thinking beyond their own selfishness and actually THINKING about what their votes mean. I doubt any of them give a rat’s ass for McCain, but to them, all that matters is he isn’t the one who ‘beat my poor Hillary.’ Hey, you know what? If you care so little about the integrity of this country and your own espoused beliefs, then get the hell out! If you don’t like ‘your’ candidate, show it by not voting, not by acting like 3-year-olds throwing a tantrum! Idiots! I’m more ashamed of you morons than any supporter of McCain – or Bush!

H. Beam Piper was right …

Posted: June 9th, 2008
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  1. I am real anxious about the next election. Considering the trouble that is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East (not to mention the economy) we definitely should demand a strong leader. I’m not at all convinced that Mr. Obama or any of the Republican candidates thus far have the experience or skills necessary to do the job the way it has to be done. Being president of the U.S. is an immensely challenging job. Do you think there is someone out there with the experience, skill, and moral courage to do the job?

    Lisa Hill

    27 Mar 11 at 2:30 pm


  2. Well, I’m not convinced President Obama has the experience, but I AM convinced that none of the Republicans have the skills necessary. Unfortunately, we would need to live in an alternate universe to know what could have been accomplished by now if the president didn’t have to both clean up 8 years of mistakes while having a Congress that is too intent on getting rid of him and not intent on doing their f***ing jobs. I think Obama’s biggest mistake so far has been to hold out the hope that these idiots could behave rationally, that they could find common ground – they would have to want to find common ground, first, and I’m sorry, Mr. President, but that is not now nor is it ever going to be the case. It had nothing to do with the president’s so-called failed policies – they have been attacking him from the moment he was elected, from the moment he stepped on stage to accept the win, long before he could ever implement a single one of his ideas. Any intelligent person can see that sort of behavior for what it is – they have no intention nor idea of how to serve the People of the United States, they only want control back from the Democrats. I’m sickened every time I read in the news “Republicans in the House today passed …” – I thought the House was supposed to be “Representative” but it seems the only people being allowed to accomplish anything are the GOP. I didn’t vote for them – where is my voice? It’s not supposed to be Republicans vs. Democrats, it’s not supposed to be Us vs. Them – it’s supposed to be “WE … the PEOPLE.”

    I admire the president; I believe in him and what he stands for. For the last 3 years, I’ve heard nothing but obstructionist crap from the Republicans, I’ve heard public officials spout lies as though they were truth, I’ve seen a media circus around it all that does nothing to call the lies out for what they are until it’s too late and they’ve already taken hold. I think the best candidate is Obama, not for what he has accomplished but for what he has tried to accomplish against overwhelming internal resistance, resistance that borders on – if not crosses over into – treason. But I think Obama needs to get tough, he needs to stop filling his cabinet with people from Bush’s administration – the Republicans claim he is some sort of dictator when he’s been anything but, and he needs to shine the light on their lies from his bully pulpit. There are too many people who believe these lies, who only listen to the “news” that spreads them – they need to be forced out into the light, and let’s get in people from both sides who think the president should be helped by Congress and not smothered at every chance – even when it’s something the resistors have championed – just so they can have back the playground.


    3 Jun 11 at 6:13 pm



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