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Don’t expect ‘wild & crazy’ from this post – it’s just a commentary on my observations of my own current state of mind. The last couple days at work have been odd, with my supervisor (I hate to call her my boss, as she very rarely gave me instructions of what to do) now gone, and my closest equivalent a 3-hour drive away. I had a chance to take over her office, but I consider it too far off the physical path to our production environment, making it impractical, in my estimation. So I still share a small office with our operations manager, and while I would relish the potential solitude, I think this location is better for the work I actually need to do.


Technology! Since it appears that I’ll be doing the majority of this blog, moving forward, from my Treo, I guess it makes sense to acknowledge the news in the handheld arena. Obviously, the new iPhone from Apple adds many needed and significant features, and the price has to have a lot of current owners seeing red, but I wonder if even that will be enough. The competition is heating up, and Apple is partially to blame, for introducing it originally without several killer features and at an astronomical price – they gave the competition too easy a bar to clear, and now the 2.0 iPhone is almost in a position to play catch-up. Yes, Apple changed the smartphone landscape, but in a way, they gave too many others access to the seedlings, as well. My Treo is now far behind the curve, I realize, but for what I want, it’s 90% there, needing only a decent camera to remain a champeen. C’mon, Palm, why the blinders?

Posted: June 10th, 2008
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