Republicans ‘Rush’ to Failure

Tell me that Rush Limbaugh isn’t the de facto head of the Republican Party, and make me believe it. When the head of the Republican Party feels it’s necessary to apologize to that pompous windbag, it’s bad enough – and it doesn’t say much for the Republican constituency that their party believes that upsetting Rush will also drive the voters away. If a congressman says something about Rush that is true, inflammatory or not, he should stand by it, and make damn sure that the voters know it, too. Don’t apologize for calling him an entertainer – although you may be lying when you do so, because I think calling Rush Limbaugh’s bile and mean-spirited self-aggrandizement “entertainment” is a bit of a stretch.

What really bothers me is that after apologizing their way to a subordinate position under Rush Windbag, now several Republicans are sucking up to him and feeding off the publicity he generated in his comments about wanting the President of the United States to fail. Bobby Jindal, my favorite Supermarionette, made this a key part of his speech at a fundraiser, and now Fred Thompson is talking about it live on CNN. Rush has apparently opened the floodgates for ill-considered words from his duly-elected underlings.

Aside from the equivocating on the difference between wanting the president to fail and wanting his policies to fail, these public faces of the Republican party are essentially admitting that they have no alternatives to the president’s initiatives and will have none for the foreseeable future – but, hey, they’ll come up with them once the current efforts fail and make the situation ten times worse! Yeah, that’s responsible government! We think you packed the parachutes wrong, so we’ll stay here, let you take the plane up, watch the whole team die when their chutes fail to open, and then we’ll decide what to do with what’s left. Or, I suppose, what’s far-right.

Any elected official who is more comfortable with allowing our country to suffer for his “principles” needs to be removed from office and replaced with someone who has the balls to stand up for what he thinks is right, to stand up to windbag “entertainers” who think they can hold our elected officials hostage with their ratings. And along with integrity and fortitude, these elected officials need to demonstrate that they have both the intellect and the common sense to comprehend the situation and offer an alternative while the situation demands it – to strike while the iron is hot – rather than to sit back, to hide behind an entertainer (who is, admittedly, a pretty large shield) and to parrot his words before the cameras. The Republicans are sowing the seeds of their own failure, and they seem to be in a Rush to do it.

Posted: March 26th, 2009
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  1. Oddly enough, the left is far better at criticizing Obama on substantive grounds. The GOP is stuck on its socialism/terrorists in your neighborhood/etc. catch phrase idiocy. They probably view the current Letterman/Palin feud as a major policy triumph. It seems insane but given the intended audience I suppose it isn’t. Read Bob Altmeyers (free) book “The Authoritarians” for an excellent take on the mindset.


    14 Jun 09 at 4:37 am



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